Monday, June 27, 2011

IDEaS is up and running!

I've uploaded the first version of IDEaS (IDE for ActionScript) to the Android Market.
I really enjoyed digging in AIR and porting the minibuilder to android.

Update: added donate button to keep those tomcat servers alive :)


  1. I downloaded it, it'sn awesome!!! Thanks!

  2. Great app!
    It works ok on my Samsung Galaxy S, but on Honeycomb tablet (Acer Iconia Tab A500) don't. I can write code and all that but when code is compiled I can see only gray swf and nothing else on stage (instead of default white one...). Also Save doesn't work (FC).
    Keep up the great work!

  3. update: just updated app and save now works. Compiled swf is still gray (nothing else on stage)

  4. Hi thanks for you comment!
    Unfortunately I don't have a honeycomb device yet to test.
    Are you able to run the compiled file in a regular browser "file:///mnt/sdcard/main.swf"?
    Maybe it's something with StageWebView implementation in Air on honeycomb devices.
    Also which version of Air do you have?

  5. Honeycomb 3.0.1
    Flash Player


    Can you add default project folder option to settings?
    File explorer is too much sensitive (on touch).

  6. Just as I thought it's a problem with StageWebView:
    "In Android 3.0+, an application must enable hardware acceleration in the Android manifestAdditions element of the AIR application descriptor to display plug-in content in a StageWebView object."
    I'm working on solving it.
    Also I'm planning on adding a "Recent Files" option, as well as tweaking the sensitivity of file explorer.

  7. Just released version 1.0.8. It should fix the issue with Honeycomb.

  8. Now I can see this (ver. 1.0.8):

  9. Fixed that v1.0.9 (sorry forgot to turn off debug mode before compiling)
    Well at least now we know that plugin content shows on Honeycomb :)

  10. v1.0.9 screenshots

    Android 2.3.4 (Galaxy S)
    - (portait)
    - (landscape)
    (position of circle?)

    Honeycomb 3.0.1

  11. I'll be updating soon to the new version, that will publish html with customizable settings (scale and dimensions).

  12. Swf is empty

  13. "ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable Main2 is not defined."
    The file name and the class name must match. Over wise it will compile, but throws an error.

  14. I'm stupid. It's working now ;)

  15. Thank you for great app!
    I got some codes from
    some code works and others doesn't work.

    especially codes which has mx.utils.Base64Decoder generate compile error.

  16. I've added support for "mx.utils".
    If you have any other libraries that don't work, please tell me.

  17. Wow it works. Thank you!
    Now i can compile 3d plane.

    And i hope more..
    Editor looks slow.. i typed one, it took 1sec.. in long source code like 3d plane.
    I couldnt click save swf button on running result..
    Plane screen covered all lcd screen..
    Hard to scroll down or up..
    My phone is galaxy s. 1ghz.

    Anyway thank you.

  18. I've updated to v1.2.2 that should address the issues. Please update me on your experience.

  19. You are very passionate! Thank you!
    I can click save swf button after pressing menu key on running result.
    and it's easier to scroll down and up with accelerated scroll feature.
    But I dont know the editor speed in a long source code.

    It's enough to say wow!
    Thank you

  20. any chance of an alternative download site? The market thinks my phone is incompatible

  21. here you go :)

  22. thanks so much, I've been dying to try this.

  23. You are more than welcome, I'm very interested in your feedback.

    By the way which device are you using?

  24. Device is a ZTE V9.
    I think adobe air was the incompatible thing as the program crashes on startup.
    But I've managed to get flash working, so hopefully I can get air to work to.

  25. Running cyanogen mod 7 (gingerbread) by the way

  26. here is link for several air versions, if you need:

    Adobe AIR v2.7.1.1961
    Adobe AIR v2.7.0.1953
    Adobe AIR v2.7.0.1948
    Adobe AIR v2.6.0.1915

  27. thanks for the links, I'll go through them and let you know

  28. I hope ideas supports auto-save.
    and save to

  29. It's possible to add auto save options to settings (I'm in the middle of modifying it).
    Save to wonderfl is a no go, they don't allow it. I've tried to talk with them but no response till now.

  30. I think you sir will make my weekly 5 hour bus ride a bit easier to handle. Great job!
    Some input:
    - UI and File explorer are a mess :)
    - importing custom libraries would be awesome (like, I'm always using Greensock stuff)

  31. Can you link the apk version of the application as my phone is not recognized as compatible in android market and the mediafire link you set up before stopped working.

  32. when compiling a SWF I see - "server error"
    What to do?

  33. Дмитрий, спасибо за замечательное начинание! Уменя Acer Iconia Tab A501. При протяжке листинга на экране в конце тапа происходит переход на редактирование и экр. клавиатура закрывает полэкрана, но если не достигнут нужный фрагмент листинга, то получается не совсем удобно =) Дмитрий, какая кодировка используется в IDEaS? Еще раз спасибо, прога класс!

  34. Also getting server error and at a loss of what to do

  35. In the next days I'll be replacing server side compilation with on device. Sorry for the inconvenience for now.

  36. Can you post this file's .apk?
    Please and best regards in advance.

  37. Thanx for the great app, looking forward to this.
    However for some reason I am unable to see load file buttons etc. that are showing one of the screenshots in googleplay. Something wrong with my system or should these exists in the firstplace? Running on Asus TF300.

  38. There's no menu button for this app on either my HTC One X OR my Asus TF700 Infinity tablet.

    As a developer myself, I very much appreciate the effort that you must already have put in to making this app, but I'm afraid it's of no use to me whatsoever if I can't open up existing source files. Alternatively, if it worked correctly, and with cosmetic improvements for higher resolution devices, I'd happily pay for it.